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An opening to spiritual awareness and healing. opening to spiritual awareness and healing.
Offices in Winnipeg and Lorette, MB.


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Experiencers, also known as Abductees and Witnesses

You may have experienced or witnessed something in your life that you can't explain and felt too embarrassed to speak about it because you were afraid of being ridiculed or simply afraid of the unknown. I meet many people who tell me that they have a friend who saw things that freaked them out. You are not alone. 

Clients from every profession come into my office to have a better understanding of what they've experienced and to discover why these experiences are happening to them. I offer support for those who are seeking a safe place to turn to and someone to share their experiences with. 

I use hypnotherapy as a means of unlocking these memories at a safe and comfortable pace. My approach is to share resources that are not fear-based and sensationalized. 

I am a member of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), a member of a Meet Up group for Experiencers and follow the works of Dolores Cannon.  

My services are confidential.

How I can help

When we first meet, I help the client to feel safe, relaxed and comfortable so that they may open up and share their experiences. With each individual client, together, we come up with a plan so that they may reach their desired outcome. I continue to coach and support them through their personal journey and offer therapies such as Reiki to help clear blockages and restore balance and inner peace or Hypnotherapy Regressions for those wanting to explore, bring clarity and a better understanding to their experiences at their own pace. 

Expérimentateurs, également connus sous le nom d'Abductees et de Témoins

Vous avez peut-être vécu ou êtes témoin de quelque chose dans votre vie que vous ne pouvez pas expliquer et vous êtes trop embarrassé pour en parler parce que vous craignez d'être ridiculisé ou simplement avoir peur de l'inconnu. Je rencontre beaucoup de gens qui me disent qu'ils ont un ami qui a vu des choses qui les ont effrayés. Tu n'es pas seul. Les clients de chaque métier viennent chez moi pour mieux comprendre ce qu'ils ont vécu et découvrir pourquoi ces expériences leur arrivent. J'offre un soutien pour ceux qui cherchent un endroit sûr pour se déplacer et quelqu'un pour partager leurs expériences avec. J'utilise l'hypnothérapie comme un moyen de débloquer ces souvenirs à un rythme sûr et confortable. Mon approche consiste à partager des ressources qui ne sont pas fondées sur la peur et sensationnalisées. Je suis membre de MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), membre d'un groupe Meet Up pour les Experimentateurs (Experiencers) et je suis les travaux de Dolores Cannon. Mes services sont confidentiels.

Comment je peux aider

Lorsque nous nous rencontrons pour la première fois, j'aide le client à se sentir en sécurité et à l'aise pour pouvoir s'ouvrir et partager ses expériences. Avec chaque client individuel, ensemble, nous proposons un plan afin qu'ils puissent atteindre leur résultat souhaité. Je continue à les entraîner et à les soutenir grâce à leur voyage personnel et à offrir des thérapies telles que Reiki pour aider à éliminer les blocages et rétablir l'équilibre et la paix intérieure ou les régressions d'hypnothérapie pour ceux qui veulent explorer, apporter une clarté et une meilleure compréhension de leurs expériences à leur propre rythme.

On a more personal note,
I'd like to share a more personal aspect of myself with you. Here is a link to my YouTube channel and Facebook Page where I share the channeling of my multi-dimensional or intergalactic guides that I've been doing. I hope to add more in the near future.

Here's a link to an interview I did with La Liberté. There are a few minor notes that were changed that I believe were simply lost in translation.


"I went to see Marie Anne to explore and disprove the niggling feeling that I was an experiencer. Through guided regression and insightful questions we touched on a past life and discovered a wealth of detail. Mary Ann eventually guided me to the experience I had come to see her about. The shock of what I discovered unsettled me at first but Marie Anne quickly guided me past this and I was able to describe in detail what had happened on the occasions I had been taken by the ETs I had interactions with.  With her help I discovered what the craft looked liked, what I did on the craft, what the ETs looked like when they presented themselves to me and most importantly what my purpose and continued service was for our planet.

We then explored another past life. The information given of that life drew in all the loose threads of purpose, consciousness and guidance given to me by the ET.

I have been able to support and verify through research and synchronistic events certain details I brought forth.

I did not disprove my that niggling feeling as I had set out to do.  I  discovered instead, with Marie Anne’s support an area of my present life that far exceeds my expectations."

Elaine C.

Winnipeg, MB

With gratitude and thanks to Gerry (Germaine) for allowing me

 to share her words that resonate with me so profoundly. 

Recommended Book (Livre recommandé) : Dolores Cannon - The Custodians - Beyond Abduction (free download)

I am not responsible for any technical or virus that may be attached to this link. I know others who downloaded it in the past without issue, but cannot guarantee it.