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An opening to spiritual awareness and healing. opening to spiritual awareness and healing.
Offices in Winnipeg and Lorette, MB.

"Your life experiences are like filters over the top of your eyes and that's how you see the world."   S. Mozdzen


I'm Marie-Anne, certified bilingual Consulting Hypnotherapist, member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, certified Reiki Master, Spiritual Health Coach, Psychic Medium, and certified Angel Card Reader. 

Hypnotherapy and Reiki treatments, available for clients and their pets, can be done online or in person.  Requested Transmission of Light DNA Activations can be included as part of the Reiki sessions or done separately. Angel Card and Tarot readings are currently done online only. My office in Lorette is just 10 minutes south of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I explain to clients that distance has no barriers in doing readings because Spirit is energy to which we are all connected. My readings for the most part, have been done online. My volunteer work as an investigative profiler for a group based in the USA, is dedicated to helping families locate missing loved ones, is solely done online.

In my desire to be the best support to others, I became a Certified Hypnotherapist to introduce Past Life Regressions otherwise known as Reincarnations and other hypnotherapy treatments to my clients.

I wish you Love and Peace and invite you all to walk through The Doorway and join me on this enlightened journey. 



Here's my story…                     

Beginning with an insatiable interest in the spirit world at a very early age, I experienced my first visit from the spirit of my Pépère (Grandpa) at about 14 years of age and others followed. I recognized that I also had a strong connection with my brother who had crossed over as an infant, prior to my birth. Even though being brought up in a French Catholic household, my family was very open to and engaged in conversations about Spirit. As a young adult, I started receiving intuitive feelings and clairvoyant visions which I learned to trust. As my curiosity grew, at about 19, I was reading tarot for co-workers during coffee breaks and became the go-to person of the spirit world. In the following years, I became preoccupied with my responsibilities as a mother for my 2 children as well as my career in the travel industry. My interests were put on the back burner.

As the gentle giant awoke in me once more, I made what was thought of as a radical decision and took an early retirement from my job of 25 years, downsized and moved outside of the city which opened The Doorway to my passion. I enrolled in classes in Remote Viewing, tarot, Angel Card readings, crystals, chakras, intuition and eventually Reiki, Past Life Healing, Healing Touch for animals and Psychic Investigation among others. I felt complete and blessed to be a part of this spiritual community.

My curiosity about Reiki was piqued by the idea of helping the body heal itself and this is what led me to become certified as a Reiki Master, practicing Reiki on friends, family and even pets. Distant treatments created no barriers to helping others.

In 2013, I put my abilities, which I believe came from God, Source, Creator, the Divine, to work for Spirit by volunteering for a non-profit organization that helps families world-wide locate missing family members. Because of a possible conflict of interest with my current employer, I do not do work on missing persons' files from Canada. Through this work, I gained a real understanding that distance had no effect in doing my readings because Spirit is energy to which we are all connected.

With the encouragement of my Spiritual Health Coach, I took a Mediumship course where I gained the confidence in myself and in my gifts, and began doing readings for others. These readings were validated, passing along heartfelt messages and images from those who had crossed over. Recognizing my purpose and potential, I became a Spiritual Health Coach. My belief is that people can take control of their own well-being and be an advocate for their own lives because the answers are within us, if we take the time to listen.

In 2015, I joined a Meet-up group for Experiencers, otherwise known as the dated term of "Abductees", the curious and witnesses to UFO's and have since joined MUFON. My work with Experiencers, along with the knowledge gained from these two groups, has added more insight so that I could provide my clients a safe and nurturing environment to turn to.

Today, I continue to educate myself to provide a truly rewarding experience for my clients.

“My primary mission is to coach, mentor, teach, restore inner peace and empower my clients to believe in themselves and their own ability to take control of their life, as well as that of their adult dependents, children and pets. It is to provide my clients with the strength, resilience and ability to take full responsibility for diagnosing, prescribing and treating their own wellness by using the tools and techniques they will learn from me and other teachers.

Whether it be from Hypnotherapy, Reiki,  Mediumship, Angel Card Readings or Past Life Healing, my spiritual mission is to empower my clients who want to seek Divine help in all aspects of their life through direct communion with the Divine.”