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An opening to spiritual awareness and healing. opening to spiritual awareness and healing.
Offices in Winnipeg and Lorette, MB.

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2018 - I desire to release all of those self-imposed boundaries I have created.
With Love, Thanks and Gratitude, Marie-Anne

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I'm Marie-Anne Bisson, CHt, Certified Hypnotherapist, member of the Manitoba Hypnotherapists' Association and of the National Guild of Hypnotists, specializing in Past Life Regressions (Reincarnations) to explore past lives and your soul's purpose, releasing stresses, fears and negative repeating patterns in your life. I provide support for those who may feel they are Experiencers (formerly referred to as Abductees and witnesses) and other specific concerns.

I am a Usui Reiki Master and a bilingual licensed Spiritual Health Coach, member of the Federation of Spiritual Health Coach Licensing Board. I offer Mediumship and I am a certified Angel Card Reader and Past Life Healer through the Doreen Virtue, LLC.

I invite you to join me at The Doorway, a place for self-discovery.


Je suis Marie-Anne Bisson, CHt, Hypnothérapeute certifiée, membre de l'Association des Hypnothérapeutes du Manitoba « Manitoba Hypnotherapists’ Association » et de la Guilde nationale des hypnotiseurs

« National Guild of Hypnotists », spécialisée dans la régression de la vie passée (Réincarnation) pour explorer les vies passées et le but de votre âme, libérer des angoisses, des peurs et motifs répétitifs négatifs dans votre vie. Je soutiens tous ceux qui pourraient se sentir Expérimentés (anciennement appelés enlevés et témoins) et d'autres préoccupations spécifiques.

Je suis un Maître Usui Reiki et un Entraîneur de Santé Spirituelle autorisé bilingue, membre de la Fédération des entraîneurs de santé spirituelle. J'offre le Médiumnité et je suis un lecteur de Cartes Anges certifié et guérisseur de vie passée à travers Doreen Virtue, LLC.

Je vous invite à me joindre à « The Doorway », un lieu pour la découverte de soi.

Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists
Member of the Manitoba Hypnotherapists' Association
Licensed Spiritual Health Coach with the Spiritual Health Coach License Board
Member of MUFON, The Mutual UFO Network
Certified Angel Card Reader with the Doreen Virtue LLC.

Thank you Marie-Anne for the reading of my grandmother. I shared with my mom and her sister and they loved reminiscing about the stories you talked about. The pictures you provided to better describe the images you were seeing, brought back so many memories! And to know that she was grateful for specific times you mentioned that we spent together, meant a lot to me.

Sue A., Winnipeg MB

I asked Marie-Anne if she could connect with my deceased brother-in-law and she told me to send her a photograph of him. Within a couple of days she emailed me the messages she received from him. What she wrote totally blew me away. I emailed it to my sister and it totally blew her away. She was so accurate in what she wrote about my brother-in-law, it was unbelievable. Thank you Marie-Anne for helping my sister during this grieving process.
rj, Lorette, MB